Jason Perkins, Camp Director since 2023

A Word From the Director

Greetings to Camp Frenda families, friends and Alumni,

My name is Jason Perkins, the newly appointed Director of Camp Frenda.

I feel humbled and honoured to be given this responsibility. With a background in education and many years working with young people, I hope to continue to reinforce and build on the mission of Camp Frenda.

I believe that mission is to provide an environment and an opportunity where individuals will make connections. Those connections include connecting with each other, connecting with nature, but most importantly, connecting with Jesus.

For many years my father, my mother, both of my brothers and I worked at Camp Frenda. Throughout the years my wife Brandy and even our own children worked at camp as well. The impact that Camp Frenda has left on not just myself, but many members of my family are just some of the reasons why I love for Camp Frenda.

While looking forward to the years ahead, it is my hope that this place will be a special place for each one of you. I pray that all who arrive at camp will meet Jesus and make memories with Him.

Thank you for your support and commitment to Camp Frenda and I hope to see soon.

About the Camp

Coming soon, we’re going to tell the exciting history of Camp Frenda which began in 1945.

From simple beginnings in South River to our incredible location on Lake Rosseau today, Camp Frenda has been a special place for thousands of people, young and old, for over 70 years.