Camp Frenda Projects for 2019

Since 1977, one of the most visible features at Frenda has been the large set of concrete stairs leading from the parking lot to the upper level of the camp.

Work on the stairs has begun!  By summer camp 2019, things will look very different!

Here are the stairs, pictured in 1977.  The time stamp indicates that they were poured in 1971, prior to our purchase of the camp.


Pictured in 2018, the stairs have degraded to the point that replacement is necessary.

And so we're excited to announce that this Spring, a beautiful new set of high quality stairs will be constructed to replace the old concrete steps.  This much needed update will bring a fresh look to the most visible feature at Frenda.  They will:

  • be constructed of high-quality, pressure treated material

  • have an appropriate railing system

  •  be well lit

  •  have a Muskoka, camp-styled look that matches their surroundings

Our fundraising goal: $30,000

Raised to date: $27,500!